Lavender Pure Essential Oil

So versatile..................

Great for relaxation, sleep and relieving stress. Helps relieve depression and anxiety. Direct application for cuts, burns, acne and stings. Antiseptic and antiviral.

Add it to the fabric softner compartment when washing sheets to give an antibacterial boost and help with sleep!

Facial Sritz/Toner

To tone skin and close pores after cleansing.  Hydrates and refreshes skin - great for travel.

10 drops Lavender essential oil, 45mls Lavender Water and (optional) 5mls Witchhazel.

Mix ingredients into bottle and spray or wipe onto face after cleansing. Leave on skin and apply moisturiser if desired. Shake well before each use.

All Purpose Household Cleaner

This powerful all natural cleaner is suitable to clean almost anything including kitchen surfaces, walls, appliances, etc.

25 drops Lavender
25 drops Rosemary
100mls water

Shake well before each use. Ideally mix in a spray bottle or poor onto surfaces and wipe.

Always test on small surface area first. If pregnant avoid Lavender in first trimester and Rosemary throughout entire pregnancy. Other safe oils to substitute are Lemon, Grapefruit, Lemongrass.

Horses Sprains/Arthritis

To rub onto any aching muscles/joints.

10mls Arnica
40mls Almond
5 drops Lavender
5 drops Juniper
10 drops Rosemary
(you can get away with only using 2 of the above essential oils - just keep the total number of drops to 20)

Massage regularly onto trouble spots. Don't use repetitively for more than 10 days. Stops for 2-3 days and then commence again.

Or use our Pet Vet - Pain Relief Cooling Oil Liniment.

See here to find you nearest stockist - please phone the store first to ensure they have Lavender in stock (they should have!).

Lavender Pure Essential Oil

Lavender Pure Essential Oil: Versatile, Safe, Therapeutic. An amazing oil that every First Aid Kit should contain.

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