Car Diffuser

Car Diffuser

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Car Diffuser

So simple to use - just add a few drops to the fabric pad included, slot into the air vent. That's all!

·         Magnetic open/close

·         Quality stainless steel, silver plated   

·         Clip onto any car vent (plastic coated clip, no scratches).

  RRP $27.60 

·         Simple to use.

·         Great to deodorise your car, especially if you have pets in the car

·         Nice way to relax and unwind while driving – try Sheer Bliss or Dolphin Clinic Lavender

·         Helps with travel sickness (Peppermint), colds (Decongestant), stress (Stress Less) etc. all while sitting in the car.

·         Avoid artificial car “freshener” chemicals in your car




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Posted by: Lauren

ratingratingratingratingrating Excellent

I just purchased two of these, one each for my husbands and my cars. They are simply elegant and understated, they fit in beautifully with both vehicles interior, you wouldn't know they weren't part of the car. Husband has chosen pine essential oil, and I have chosen lemongrass

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